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Elbow, Wrist & Hand


Foot & Ankle

Joint & Muscle Pain

How to refer

You can self refer to community physiotherapy services. Simply call 0207 871 0545 to make an appointment, Connect Health runs the Camden MSK community Physiotherapy service.

If your GP refers you, the referral will be reviewed by an expert MSK clinician and if you need Physiotherapy, we will send your referral to the Connect Health and they will contact you directly to arrange an appointment.

Your initial contact with one of our chartered physiotherapists may be over the phone, where you will either be given advice on appropriate treatment, or a face-to-face consultation will be arranged.

The phone lines are open Monday –  Thursday 08:30 – 20:00, Friday 09:00 – 17:00 and Saturday 09:00 – 16:00

For any other Camden MSK service (Podiatry, CATS or Chronic Pain Service) you will need a GP referral

Please click here for the Camden MSK: A service guide for patients Feb 2022

Clinical Services

For a comprehansive guide to all our clinical services take a tour of Camden MSK.


Clinical Assessment & Triage Service (CATS)

Camden Pain Service (CPS)




Trauma & Orthopaedics


Contact Us

If you have a query about your care please get in touch with your Named Care Coordinator (NCC) on

Telephone: 020 3447 7779

The NCCs are available Monday – Friday 09:00 – 17:00. They work in close liaison with Camden MSK clinicians and the wider Camdne MSK Multidisciplinary Team (MDT).

The team has full access to the electronic patient database systems across all partner organisations, UCLH, RFL, Camden MSK EMIS, Connect patient database, GP EMIS, as well as a database of contact details of operational managers across the specialities, which will enable them to deal with Camden MSK appointment queries in a seamless and prompt manner.

If you do not know/remember the name of the NCC, the team on the above number will be able to advise who this is.

Health & Fitness in Camden

Start the fight back to a healthier you. We’ve got lots of practical tips, tools, and free apps to help you improve your health today.

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COVID-19 Service Update

Camden MSK is offering a combination of face to face, video and telephone appointments, based on clinical need.

We will continue to take extra precautions in our clinics for the safety of our staff and patients.



Patient Satisfaction Survey

We would love to find out about your experience at Camden MSK by completing our short survey.

It will take less than 5 minutes to complete and the information you share with us will help us improve our services.

GP Referral to Camden MSK Services

GPs can refer patients to Camden MSK services using the link to the referral form below. Please complete as much information as possible so that your referral can be triaged by into the most suitable Camden MSK service.

Click here to download the Camden MSK referral form

Once the referral has been processed by the administrative team, it will be clinically triaged by a specialist MSK clinician.  The administrative team will transfer the referral to the appropriate clinical team and an appointment will be arranged in due course.

Click here to view the Camden MSK referral pathway 

Click here to view the Camden MSK service guide for GPs


Urgent Rheumatology Referrals

If you have an urgent rheumatology referral please ensure that the ‘urgent’ box is ticked on the referral form. Please complete the form with as much referral information as possible. Urgent referrals are sent directly to Rheumatology on the day of receipt and followed up with a confirmation of receipt by the Camden MSK Administration Team. They will be triaged by a clinician daily and allocated to an appropriate clinical appointment.

For any urgent referrals that you feel need to be seen urgently within 24-72 hours please contact switchboard on:

UCLH 020 3456 7890

Royal Free: 020 3758 2000

Ask for the on-call rheumatology registrar to discuss your patient or send them to A&E.

Clinical Services

For a comprehensive guide to all our clinical services take a tour of Camden MSK.


Clinical Assessment & Triage Service (CATS)

Camden Pain Service (CPS)




Trauma & Orthopaedics

COVID Service Update

All Camden MSK clinical services are offering face to face and virtual appointments depending on clinical need and patient choice.

We are dealing with some service delays, but our staff are now back in Camden MSK and are working to plan.



Visit our health library to find everything you need to know about diagnosing patients with aches and pains.


We are here to help.

GP Survey

As an identified Camden GP we would very much value your opinion in this short survey. It takes take less than five minutes to complete and responses are completely anonymous.


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