Broken or cracked bones (fractures)

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A broken or cracked (fractured) bone in your foot can occur suddenly after a severe injury, or gradually over time as a result of doing lots of high-impact sports (such as long-distance running). Occasionally they can occur as a result of osteoporosis (weakened bones).

Any bone in and around the foot can be affected, including the:

  • bones in the middle of your feet (such as the metatarsals)
  • heel
  • toes – read more about a broken toe
  • ankle – read more about a broken ankle
  • bones of the lower leg – read more about a broken leg

The affected area will be very painful and tender to touch, and the skin may be bruised. You should stop all activity immediately and avoid putting weight on your foot until you see a doctor.

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Self referrals

You can self-refer into community physiotherapy services. Simply call 0207 871 0545 to make an appointment. Your initial contact with one of our chartered physiotherapists may be over the phone, where you will either be given advice on appropriate treatment, or a face-to-face consultation will be arranged.

Should you wish to speak to your GP first, simply make an appointment with your local practice. If your GP refers you, one of our patient care advisers will contact you within 48 hours to arrange an appointment.

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